Community Services

Childcaring works with families, providers, employers
and others in the community to:

  • Provide ongoing statistical information on the current
    status of child care
  • Promote the development of a comprehensive child care system by networking with local decision makers
  • Provide employer assistance/consultation on a variety of child care benefits which can be offered to employees
  • Advocate and provide public information on child care needs and issues

Six Things You Can Do to Support Kids In Your Community

  • Show support for individuals who care for young children, and for programs that offer them specialized training in early childhood education and care;
  • Create a partnership with a local early childhood program by offering your time, expertise, resources and/or financial support;
  • Make your vote count on behalf of young children and their families;
  • Open up your workplace to an early childhood field trip;
  • Recommend that employees be granted release time to visit or participate in their children’s programs;
  • Recommend that employees have access to benefits that support their families.