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Childcaring is your local non-profit, resource and referral agency dedicated to providing quality child care information in Adams, Clark, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Marquette, Portage, Taylor, Waushara, & Wood Counties.

We partner with parents, child care providers, business leaders, and community organizations to make quality care available to Central Wisconsin families. Childcaring helps families locate child care to meet their needs, serves as a resource to potential and existing regulated child care providers, and works cooperatively to increase the supply of quality, affordable care.  Childcaring promotes the development of a comprehensive child care system and provides public information on child care needs and trends.

Childcaring recently became an approved Family Resource Center member through Supporting Families Together Association!

This membership will allow us to have access to more resources and funding to offer additional family support services. For now, we look to grow that service in Marquette County and build on successful, existing partnerships.

MISSION: Childcaring supports quality early childhood education and care by empowering a community of individuals who care for and nurture children.


VISION: Every Child is Prepared to Thrive