Business Services

Childcaring works in partnership with your business
to meet your employees’ child care needs. Employees
of companies that have contracts with Childcaring can
access ongoing support, including on-site work/family
seminars, referrals to child care programs with confirmed
vacancies, follow-up and continuing support for parents
until they find satisfactory child care.

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Why Get Involved?

Ensuring employee peace of mind through quality child care will benefit your business, all the way to the bottom line. Benefits to employers include: increased employee productivity; reduced absenteeism and turnover; enhanced employee recruitment efforts; strengthened public relations; and improved employee morale and loyalty.

Responsible Parents are Responsible Workers
  • A majority of children live with two working parents or a single working parent.
  • The workforce is 53% female, including 67% of mothers with children age six or under.
  • Single fathers responsible for child care constitute one of America’s fastest growing consumer groups.

All of these parents have one common concern: caring for their children while they work. For parents, the overwhelming task of arranging child care creates stress and may affect productivity, work attitudes, absenteeism, longevity and a number of other critical areas bearing on employee performance.

What Does Childcaring Offer?

Your employees receive:

  • Personalized consultations on their child care needs
  • Child care information and referrals from a comprehensive database of regulated providers
  • Information on selecting and evaluating quality child care programs
  • A comprehensive child care handbook
  • Ongoing recruitment of child care providers in areas where employees live and child care need exists
  • Follow-up calls to ensure satisfaction with the child care selection and our service